Colleen King

Co-Creator + Host

Raised in a predominantly Amish community, Colleen has been intimately connected to food systems from an early age. By day, she consults in the sourcing and procurement world - both in specialty coffee and the hemp and cannabis space. 

By creating clear criteria for purchasing protocols, in tandem with a commitment to farmers through personal relationships, she has helped to successfully scale several CPG companies: from Sqirl’s jam, to Heart’s coffee, to Somatik’s edibles line, and Collaborative Coffee Source’s green coffee global initiatives. 


Her work has been featured in the International Food Studies Journal, Broccoli Magazine, Perfect Daily Grind, Daily Coffee News, Life & Thyme Magazine, the LA Times, NPR and Bon Appetit. 

Carolyn Kissick

Co-Creator + Host

Carolyn’s early career was one of an operator and designer of top 100 restaurants in San Francisco where she revised food truck legislation at City Hall, managed partnerships with the San Francisco Giants, and established a respected role as an educator in the Tequila industry. She leads trips to Jalisco for industry professionals who are thirsty to learn more - if you can go to wine country, why not go to Tequila country. As the legal California cannabis market came into view, she switched her focus to the blossoming industry as an analyst and strategist for a family office investing in the intersections of media, hospitality, and greenery. Carolyn, now a serial entrepreneur, is currently based in Brooklyn, NY where she is building a mobile technology company with a good friend and business partner. She’s known as “Kissick” or “CK” in her community, and strives to provide those around her with the tools and insight to experience life in the best way possible. Sourceress podcast came naturally along her strange and wonderful journey and she hopes to bridge the world of academia and millennials one storytelling feat at a time. 


Carolyn is a native Californian and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo alumni where she won two water polo national championships. Her dog Wilson is her wingman and when she’s not inside editing Sourceress or running her other business, she is, 100%, without a doubt, spending time outside.

Danielle Maggio

Music Curator

Danielle Maggio is an ethnomusicologist, educator, producer, vocalist, and DJ. As a PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology at The University of Pittsburgh, her research interests include soul and funk, music industry politics of race, gender, sex and genre, World Music, and collecting, curating, and archiving practices. She is the Associate Producer of Betty - They Say I'm Different, a feature-length documentary film about pioneering funk musician—and now feminist icon—Betty Davis. As a vocalist, she has most recently performed with the Afro Yaqui Music Collective, an anti-colonial and anti-patriarchal ensemble that brings jazz, funk and soul into dialogue with indigenous musics from around the world. An avid vinyl enthusiast, Danielle enjoys spinning deep cuts under the moniker ‘Sauce Queen.’

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