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season 1


 Air Date: June 26, 2019 

Featured Guest:

Christina Stembel, CEO + Founder, Farmgirl Flowers

Colleen and Carolyn sit down with Christina Stembel, CEO and Founder of Farmgirl Flowers in their San Francisco Flower Mart Headquarters to discuss the history of Farmgirl, the international cut  flower trade, and being a female business owner in a traditionally male dominated market. 

Interview Recording Date: January 28, 2019

Playlist by Danielle Maggio : Colombia


 Air Date: July 10, 2019 

Featured Guest:

Sana Javeri Kadri, Founder, Diaspora Co.

Colleen and Sana come together in conversation at the Sourceress headquarters in San Francisco over their relationships with farmers at origin, exoticism of the spice trade, and the meaning of queerness within Diaspora Co. 

Interview Recording Date: Friday March 1, 2019

Playlist by Danielle Maggio : Queer and femme South Asian artists  in the diaspora


 Air Date: July 24, 2019 

Featured Guest:

Stephanie Mutz, Founder, Sea Stephanie Fish

Colleen and Carolyn meet Stephanie Mutz in the Santa Barbara hills to discuss humanity's relationship and responsibility to the oceans, direct marketing, and why the best uni is sourced with  insane amounts of patience.

Interview Recording Date: February 19. 2019

Playlist by Danielle Maggio : 1950's & 60's Surf Culture

COFFEE : two part episode

 Air Date: August 7, 2019 

Playlist by Danielle Maggio : Ethio Jazz of the 60's & 70's

Coffee : Part 1 : Ethiopia, Export, and Trading

Featured Guest:

Heleanna Georgalis, CEO, Moplaco Trading



The Sourceresses go inside the journey of coffee in Ethiopia and speak with Heleanna Georgalis, CEO of Moplaco Trading, an exporter on the front lines in Addis Ababa.

Coffee : Part 2 : Consumption in the United States

Featured Guests:

Nick Kirby, Partnerships, Enveritas

Mike Nelson, Co-Owner, Junior's Roasted Coffee



Featuring interviews with Nick Kirby of Enveritas and Mike Nelson of Junior's Roasted Coffee, the Sourceresses discuss coffee consumption in the United States, transparency, customer education, and activism tools.

COMMODITIES : educational bite

 Air Date: July 10, 2019 

Welcome to Sourceress Educational Bites!


This one, commodities. Learn all about the system that rules most of the buying, selling and trading of products we use on a daily basis in under 7 minutes.


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Featured Guest:

Jorge Gaviria, CEO + Founder, Masienda

The Sourceresses travel to Masienda headquarters in Los Angeles to talk with CEO and Founder, Jorge Gaviria, about creating the best masa possible by sourcing from milpa to mesa, and the implications of NAFTA on the relationship of corn between the United States and Mexico.

Sonic Sauce Playlist : Rituals of Harvest


Featured Guest:

Ana Dane, Partner,  In Pursuit of Tea

The Sourceresses sit down for tea service and conversation with Ana Dane, Partner at In Pursuit of Tea in their New York headquarters to discuss tea's colonial ties to silver and opium, and learn the intricacies of the tea trade. Sonic Sauce featuring Taiwanese Pop.

Sonic Sauce Playlist : Taiwanese Pop


Featured Guest:

Greg D'alesandre, Sourcer, Dandelion Chocolate


Featured Guest:

Jose "Pepe" Hermosillo, Founder, Casa Noble Tequila


Featured Guests:

Sims McCormick + Rob Knecht, Founders, Real Oyster Cult

cannabis, hemp, cbd, compassion


Featured Guest:

Ethan Frisch, Co-Founder + Co-Owner, Burlap & Barrel


Featured Guests:

Momoko Nakamura, Founder, Rice Girl

FOOD MILES : educational bite